Shared Living

Welcome to Liya's House, we are housing providers offering safe and well-maintained homes for individuals dealing with housing difficulties. Our shared housing model accommodates residents in comfortable spaces.

Our Approach Is Based Upon
Three Principles


Access to education, employment, and counseling are crucial for maintaining sobriety. Our residences, are strategically located near population hubs, facilitating better access to essential resources. Additionally, our residents get to develop relationship-building skills through peer engagements within the home.


Our homes are in comfortable, drug-free environments. We expect residents to adhere to house rules and treat fellow residents with mutual respect.


It’s typical for recovering individuals to experience diminishing self-confidence and hopelessness. Liya’s House is rooted in compassion, and kindness, we view hope as the catalyst for the recovery process.

Our Board


Executive Director


  • Minimum 30 days sober
  • A successful UA is required upon arrival in order to take occupancy
  • Be committed to a successful sobriety journey
  • Ability to pay program fee, due by the first to prevent late fees
  • Be a good neighbor
  • Abide by house rules
  • Random UA testing
  • Participate in scheduled recovery activities


  • High speed internet
  • All bills paid
  • House phone
  • Food pantry
  • Laundry 
  • House computer with printer (shared use)
  • Fully furnished rooms with 1 mini-fridge, 1 wall-mounted 43-inch flat screen T.V with streaming service)
  • Clean, safe, and well-maintained residence
  • All-inclusive living, bring only personal effects like clothing/hygiene. Shared space is limited so be mindful

Sample Residence